In harmony with nature

With sustainable cultivation, we try to maintain the ecological balance and promote natural biodiversity and soil diversity.
Martin takes great care of our organic orchards. There is a lot to do on the farm all year round. In spring, the delicate apple blossoms have to be protected from the cold. Therefore, when the temperatures drop below zero at night, Martin has to get out of the warm bed and switch on the frost protection sprinkler.
In summer, various care tasks are carried out so that delicious apples ripen in autumn. We produce different varieties. Each apple variety is ripe at a different time, so we are busy with our harvest from the end of August until the end of October. The family and seasonal workers help with the apple harvest.
Our apples are delivered to the fruit cooperative Geos and Juval, who organise everything else until the apples arrive in your fruit basket at home.

Waalhof organic farm holidays, pruning trees
Waalhof organic farm holidays,   apiculture
Waalhof organic farm holidays, apple picking
Waalhof organic farm holidays, harvesting apples
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