Organic Farm Products

Feel and enjoy the farm

Quality you can taste….

Taste our lovingly handcrafted farm products and enjoy our fresh fruit straight from the garden.
With diligence and passion, we process our raw produce from the farm and garden into valuable, delicious products. We only use high-quality, sun-ripened and hand-picked fruits for our products, which we grow on our farm.

Apple Juice

Our organic apples make a delicious, healthy thirst quencher when pressed. Only naturally cloudy apple juice comes out of the press. Before bottling, the fruit juice is preserved by gentle pasteurisation.

Fruit Spreads

Hand-picked fruits of the best quality are processed into delicious spreads. A high fruit content with a low sugar content ensures an incomparable aroma. After being chopped, the tasty fruits are gently heated to preserve vitamins, flavour and colour.

Fruit Syrup

Whether from fruits, blossoms or herbs – home-made syrups are increasingly in demand. Full flavour without chemicals. No wonder, because in terms of taste they far outshine the usual soft drinks.

Bee honey

Pure nature, from the first spoonful to the last. Our honey is 100% pure and natural.

Fresh Fruit

In addition to our apples in late summer and autumn, we have many other varieties of fruit in summer that we are happy to provide for you to eat.

from our herb garden

With a lot of love, farmer Verena has created a herb garden from which you can harvest fresh herbs at any time.
The following grow in our garden: thyme, marjoram, oregano, basil, sage, chives, parsley, rosemary, mint, lemon balm and chive. Guests are also welcome to pick fruit and vegetables from our garden.

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