Your Hosts at Waalhof

We are …

Verena, the good soul of the house, is a teacher, organises the household and helps around the house. She has a heart for her guests and a preference for homemade things: Her jams, dried fruits and juices taste simply the best and are a popular holiday souvenir.
Martin, the landlord and apple farmer, has been running our farm full-time since 2016 with much joy and passion. Before that, we ran the farm as a sideline. Martin will gladly introduce you to the natural cultivation with the many crisp South Tyrolean varieties.
Our children, Marilena and Clemens, also actively help out in their free time. Especially our son Clemens shows a lot of interest and joy in farming. Together, the work is simply easier. A farm can only survive if everyone pitches in.

Waalhof organic farm holidays, planting trees
Waalhof organic farm holidays, bee keeping
Waalhof organic farm holidays, apple harvest
Waalhof organic farm holidays, local cuisine
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