Summer, Sun, Mountains

Summer experiences of a special kind!

Summer is a special experience in the Vinschgau Valley. The pleasantly mild climate is ideal for anyone seeking relaxation. With its unique mountain world, the Vinschgau Valley attracts visitors with easy valley walks and hikes up to high alpine mountaineering.

Also for cycling and mountain biking, running, Nordic walking, our valley offers the right challenge for everyone for an active holiday or family holiday. For those seeking refreshment in the water, there are adventure pools in Schlanders and other towns in the Vinschgau Valley. Daredevils can prove their courage in rafting down the Etsch river or “jump” into the valley in a tandem flight with a paraglider.

Summer mountain hiking in Val Vanosta
Summer mountain refuge above Val Vanosta
Cross on a mountain above Val Vanosta
Waterfall reached by hiking on the mountain above Val Venosta
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